Sunday, March 13, 2011

WOOOOOOOT!!! I'm published!

If its one thing I can't stand, its complacency- especially when its applied to myself.  I try hard to keep myself busy, and while I don't consider myself a writer at all I've started writing for the Expatriate magazine, Daegu Pockets, which very recently has become Daegu's English newspaper.
Either way, I've contributed to both these publications, and while I'm no writer/journalist, this post is me gloating.
However, I would also want to create an awareness for English expatriate publications designed to help all the newcomers orient themselves in their respective cities, and create an awareness of all the happenings in this country.

Daegu Pockets: I'm in the February edition (if you can find it)
In Daegu 
First issue of In Daegu (PDF version)


  1. Good day everybody... Good post...

  2. Hi, Shelley

    I ran across your blog and this post in especially intriguing. From the progress on your blog it looks like you haven't been in Korea for a while. I work for the expat placement site WorkNPlay. I am not sure if you have heard of it. We are actually trying to compile a comprehensive compilation of expat teachers perspectives and insights to help incoming English teachers. If you are interested in reaching back in time and being published one more time please let me know.

    Tom Sollitt