Thursday, December 16, 2010

I've got Seoul but I'm not a Seoul-dier

I have to dedicate this blog to Justin Timberlake, and I guess subsequently to The Killers.  I was recently reminded of Justin Timberlake's death in Southland Tales.  The movie is quite the mindsplasm (for lack of a better word).  Awesome concept, but too many storylines and big name actors to count for anything.  One of the best moments in the movie is when Timberlake is dying to the song of "All These Things that I Have Done".  Having watched Edison a few years back, the only time I thought I liked Timberlake's acting was when I was a giddy little kid watching the Mickey Mouse Club (I actually remember liking the large majority of popular ex-Mouskateers), but it seems, he only gets better with age.

Anyways, I digress.  So, I went to Seoul for the past two weekends where I did not have to study or listen to lectures.  I needed a weekend away from my little city so I ventured away.

First up on the docket: food.  By the time we arrived in Seoul we were craving galbi (갈비), so we set off around Hongdae to get some food.  I don't know why I love Christmas so much, but anything to do with lights and decorations turns me into the happiest person alive!  Of course, everything looks better when covered in snow, but I take what I get here and live off the lights whenever I see them.  One thing I love about Korea, everything is open.  We found a restaurant that was packed at midnight.  Where in Canada do you find that?

On Saturday we made it up N Seoul Tower.  N Seoul Tower much like the CN Tower is a communications tower, standing at 236.7m.  We took the cable car up Mt. Namsan (which you could trek up for free, but I didn't have the muscle for it).  Something I have never witnessed were the traditions of "Locks of Love" or love padlocks.  The tradition is, a couple places a lock on the fence and throws away the key.  What it does is symbolize their eternal love for each other.  This custom is practiced worldwide and I, quite personally, love it!

Of course, me being the creeper with a camera that I am, followed the love story of a couple getting ready to put up their lock.

Girl waiting
Boy writing message on lock
Like every girl, they're always looking in a mirror

After spending 5 minutes looking for the right place,
they find the perfect spot for their lock!

And then we headed even higher into the tower.

Yes, exactly how far I am from the homeland!

Then we ventured to the Korean War Museum.  I knew the vague history of Korea and its invasion of the Japanese and then the North Koreans, and I'm not one to actually like museums, but this museum is truly amazing.

Made of all the fallen soldiers dogtags

Nothing ends a great day other than shopping!  Myeungdong is every shopper's dream.  Kinda like Oxford and Regent streets in London but condensed along one major strip.  I had my first Forever 21 shopping experience- quite the experience indeed!

Then we partied around Hongdae.  Out of the few bars I've been to in Korea, I must say that Motto is my favourite.  Not just because Kurt Cobain's MTV Unplugged session is on the tv screen, but their music feels like home to me.  They know their music- and I love that.  You can request music, and I'm not talking the pop that plays at Thursday Party, I'm talking good music.  I've met some good people at this place.

In case I hadn't shopped enough, Insadong is perfect for getting those Korean souvenirs and gifts for other people. and I filled my Subway craving!

All in all, I love this city.  I wish I lived there, and I will be back.  Plenty of times!


  1. I enjoy your creeper photo shots almost as much as this blog* :p

  2. I don't want to call it "creeping" more that I was capturing a moment in time!

    I had to record it properly!