Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Birthday aka Pepero day aka Remembrance Day aka *insert other worldly event here*

WOOOOOT!!!  My birthday is here, hence the birthday festivities have already begun!
The one day I celebrate like no other has been my birthday- with countdowns and weekend long celebrations and telling people that they wear a poppy to remember my birthday (a little selfish, yes I know), but when I got to this country I call home (for now) I realize that another day falls on my birthday- Pepero day!

First things first.  Most importantly, I cannot forget that November 11 is Canada's Remembrance Day.  Lest we forget and "In Flander's Field" and the poppy (that I actually missed wearing) to commemorate the soldiers that risked their lives and fought for our country.

However, anyone that knows me, will tell you, Remembrance Day is to help celebrate my birthday (Yes, I'm incredibly selfish- sorry). 

But now, as I geared up for my birthday, my students wouldn't let me forget that 11/11 is Pepero day, and as much as I would love to get into the Pepero day fun, it reminds me how much I hate days based on the fulfilling of consumerism.  Actually, it makes me sicker when I hear people call this day a holiday.  Anyone that knows me, including my father which can't stand this part about me, should know that I am totally against all days related to some company preying on the consumer to buy their products.  Hallmark, diamonds, and now Pepero fall into this category.

- Father's day/ Mother's day
- Valentine's day
- Diamond engagement rings
- Pepero day

Although, the best present I could have gotten today came from my 5th grader.  They had to practice the dialogue they just watched and her partner didn't want to do it, so I practiced with her.  When we finished she thanked me and gave me candy!  The cutest thing ever!

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