Monday, October 18, 2010


I get back from Seoul on Thursday- very, very tired.  I haven't really cooked yet.  With a lack of funds in my Korean bank account (and by lack of funds, I mean NO money yet) I haven't had the chance to go shopping so my spices are still untouched!
My kitchen consists of Special K, bread, milk, ramen noodles and water- somehow I survive.  However, I have discovered the wonder that is Kimbap.  The Korean sushi which comes in very many flavours.  Its pretty much a maki roll but covered in seaweed and comes in about 10 pieces, and is roughly $1!  It is my food saviour here!

I went to Andong village where the Mask Festival resided.  There's a beautiful traditional village called Hahoe village that we walked around for a bit,
My lovely friends- Mr. Sok, Chloe, Lucy and me

Jjimdak!  Steamed chicken with vegetables and sweet potato noodles. I love it!!

*Credit to these pictures go to Corinne and Lucy*
We then ventured away from the traditional village to the area where the festival was going on.  There was some Korean style belly dancing, and then we saw some traditional dance.  Unfortunately there was no mask dancing the day we could go there, but we had a good time nonetheless!

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